The Association of Child Art Psychotherapists (ACAP) is the professional organisation and accrediting body for Child Art Psychotherapists in Ireland. We set and maintain the standards of training and practice for Child Art Psychotherapy in Ireland.

ACAP maintains a directory of qualified Child Art Psychotherapists  who have completed comprehensive training and supervised practice. Our members have signed up and are bound by ACAP’s Code of Ethics and Professional Practice and are subject to the ACAP complaints procedure.

The Irish Association of Visual and Child Art Psychotherapists (IAVCAP) was formed in April 2007 by graduates of the Higher Diploma in Child Art Psychotherapy and the first AGM took place in 2009. In 2012, a group of graduates took over the organisation of the Association and a new name was chosen – ‘Association of Child Art Psychotherapists’ (ACAP).  A re-launch of the Association was held in November 2012.

• To set and maintain the standards of training and practice for Child Art Psychotherapy in Ireland.

• To keep an online register of all accredited practitioners and supervisors for public information.

• To support members and promote best practice through provision and dissemination of continuing professional development opportunities.

•  To promote Child Art Psychotherapy and support its ongoing development through engagement with the general public, official bodies and the press.

ACAP is a non profit making organisation and a company limited by guarantee without a share capital. It is governed by an Executive Committee, which is made up of; two Company Directors, one of whom serves as Chair to the Association, a Company Secretary and Treasurer. These core roles are up for reelection by the members on a biannual basis at the ACAP AGM.
Executive Committee
First Company Director and Chair: Emma Nolan
Second Company Director: Rebekah Carroll
Company and ACAP Secretary: Annette Kennedy
ACAP Treasurer: Simone Westerkamp

Subcommittees and Liaison Roles:
Complaints Officer: Rebekah Carroll
Secretary: Annette Kennedy 
Membership Officer: Simone Westerkamp
Accreditation Committee: Natascha Fischell & Maria Joyce
All Committee Members and Liaison Officers serve on an entirely voluntary basis.

For further information on procedures relating to General and Extraordinary Meetings, voting and company business, please see the ACAP Constitution and Memorandum of Articles